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Do-It-Yourself Job

Posted by charlesdowney on April 4, 2008

Xenon projector low beam headlamp illuminated on a Saab 9-5.

Last weekend, I had to replace a burned out headlight on my Chevrolet HHR. I figured this was a do-it-yourself job. So I ordered to online auto body parts store for a new halogen bulb, when it arrive, and popped the hood.

Roughly 45 minutes and a few choice words later, I got the job done. In the course of replacing one burned-out bulb, I used a socket wrench and pliers to partially remove a plastic liner inside the left front wheel well. I took out about a half dozen fasteners, of two different kinds. Then I had to work my hand through a tangle of wires to get at the offending bulb, disconnect it, twist it out, and then replace it. I did all this by feel, because I couldn’t see my hand, wedged inside the fender between the half removed plastic liner and the wires and metal around the light.


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