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Lincoln Zephyr

Posted by charlesdowney on April 4, 2008

2006 -Lincoln Zephyr.jpgOriginally, the Zephyr was introduced in 1935 and was produced until 1942. However, the name Zephyr was again used to revive the old model in 2005 but this time, the name Zephyr was changed to MKZ by 2006 as a 2007 model. Lincoln’s 1941 lineup consisted of three model groups: the Series 16H 1941 Lincoln Zephyr, the Continental coupe and cabriolet (now bearing appropriate badges), and the 138-inch-wheelbase Series 168H Custom sedan and limousine. The last were meant to carry on the coachbuilt tradition of the now-discontinued K-series, but they were pure Zephyr at heart. Lincoln began a long decline in both sales and market share in 1941. Much of this has been blamed on the V-12, but there were other, more significant factors. For one thing, Lincoln had a weaker dealer network than its main rivals (Ford dealers sold Zephyrs in some parts of the country), a situation that wouldn’t be rectified until Lincoln-Mercury Division was formed at the close of World War II. Nevertheless, when you talk about the original Zephyr, it refers to the two-door and four-door sedan, and the three-window coupe that was added in 1937, followed by the convertible coupe and sedan a year later, and an additional club coupe in 1940. Considering you own a Lincoln Zephyr automobile and been looking for its performance, aftermarket and replacement of your Lincoln Zephyr parts including stylish and practical accessories, then you have just found the perfect site. Car Parts Wholesale offer great deals of high quality Lincoln Zephyr parts for your various automotive needs.


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