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New Nissan Sentra

Posted by charlesdowney on April 23, 2008

These new Nissan Sentra have a larger engine with 165 hp in the SE-R and 175 in the Spec V. The SE-R has unique interior trim, a sport suspension, and 16-inch wheels vs. other Sentras’ 14s or 15s. The SE-R Spec V gets further suspension revisions, 17-inch wheels, distinct exterior styling touches, and its own interior decor, including sport front seats. Manual transmission is standard on all models–a 6-speed on the Spec V and a 5-speed on the others. All but the Spec V are available with automatic transmission. Side airbags and ABS are optional on all but the XE and CA. SE-R and Spec V have 4-wheel disc brakes. Helped by early introduction of redesigned 2001 models, Sentra sales jumped 56.5 percent year-to-year in calendar 2000, then rose another 13.5 percent in the first nine months of 2001. Of course, people often turn to smaller, more affordable cars when economic life gets difficult, but Sentra’s recent showing is commendable all the same.


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